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How Couples Can Make Wedding Invitations Less Complicated

Weddings and complications seem to go hand-in-hand for many couples who want to enjoy the perfect day.

So much planning occurs behind the scenes to add tot the stress of the event, but this is not always the case.

For a project as defined as the creation of wedding invitations, there are some techniques that will help to make this procedure less complicated than it needs to be.


Have Multiple Helpers

If there is only one individual who is in charge of overseeing the wedding invitations, there is almost no strategy that can help to make the exercise less stressful. This is an activity that is always improved for quality control and time management when there are multiple helpers involved in the process. From the partner to close friends and family members, there should be other participants who will be happy to put their hand up and be part of the project. Their opinion can then be canvased on the style of the design and what they would like to see as a recipient, removing much of the guesswork in the process.


Use Digital Templates

The good news about modern software programs and online outlets focusing on wedding invitations is that digital templates are readily accessible. This will empower couples to make their own design from scratch, incorporating fonts, colour schemes, images and phrasing that is suited to their own tastes. Some couples will decide to make hard copies off their own accord, using pens, pencils, markers and other objects to physically write the information on each item. That process is time consuming and leaves no room for human error.


Begin The Process Early

Even if the wedding invitations are not going to be complex designs that require months of work, it is still a valuable exercise to start the process as early as possible. From dealing with local printing outlets to dealing with ink cartridge replacements at home, the formatting of the images to the font selection, colour scheme dynamics and developing the actual guest list, this is an evolving undertaking that is always made simple when couples save time up their sleeves.


Exclusively Wedding Email Contact Address

It takes time and effort to create a niche website. It can be just as much a hassle to run an open Facebook event page, canvasing opinions and experiencing running commentary that becomes hard to keep track of. One of the best methods that couples can utilise to keep their wedding invitations project simple is to provide a specific email contact address on the card that is designed only for the use of guests, venue staff, caterers and other interested parties. This will be easier to manage and allow for a single line of contact that allows for privacy and superior management.


Stick to Standard A7 Envelope Posts

The size and weight of wedding invitations should be considered with the posting of the items. For couples who stick to the standard A7 envelope size, they will be able to post their stock at bulk without fearing for inflated fees in this process. Others who expand to different shapes will require the local post service to hand-stamp each item, placing a premium on the postage that will exacerbate costs and add a different challenge to the mix.


Create Draft Copies

If the format looks a bit out of proportion, if there is a spelling or grammar mistake or if there are issues with the ink and the colouring of the wedding invitations, it will be worthwhile comprehending these errors courtesy of draft copies. For couples who head directly to the printer to produce the content on bulk without fact checking a sample, they will be left to discard those copies and run the entire process against at cost.


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