Ways To Keep Your Gums Healthy

Many of us have gingival problems – bleeding, hypersensitivity – these are the first warning signs that something worrying is happening. We advise, therefore, how to care for the gums.

Healthy Gums Are Healthy Teeth!

The gums are highly vascularized tissue that surrounds the alveolar process. Their role is to maintain teeth – that’s why they should be healthy. Remember never to underestimate the gums! If inflammation develops, there is a danger of dangerous periodontal disease that can even lead to tooth loss.

Causes Of Gum Disease:

poor oral hygiene,

using a toothbrush with hard bristles that hurts the gums,

a diet low in vitamins and minerals,

some systemic diseases,

chronic stress,

genetic predisposition,

hormonal changes,

reduced immunity of the body,

Ill-Fitting dentures and dental crowns.

Six Steps To Healthy Gums

1. Hygiene of the mouth is the foundation! The technique of brushing teeth is also essential. Experts recommend, so-called sweeping movement – we move the brush from the gums towards the teeth. We even choose specialized products for sensitive gums – toothpaste, dental floss, and a mouth rinse is a compulsory set in daily care.

2. What toothbrush will be the best? It’s best to use brushes with soft or medium-soft bristles because they are gentle on the gums. Remember that the toothbrush should be replaced every 2-3 months, because it is consumed, and also a habitat of bacteria.

3. Homemade Ways For Healthy Gums.

We recommend homemade rinses, including with sage or chamomile. When bleeding gums, try mouth washing with a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide (in 1: 1 ratio).

4. The impact of diet on healthy gums – we should mainly eat products rich in vitamins, minerals, and coenzyme Q10.

5. To have healthy gums, be sure to stop smoking, which leads to dry mouth and bacterial growth. From this is the simple way to gum disease.

6. It should be emphasized that home care is not enough. Visit the dental office at least once a year! The dentist performs unique hygiene treatments (scaling and sandblasting of teeth), which remove sediments, tartar, and thanks to this, keep the gums in good condition.

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